7 Signs That Indicate You Have Foundation Problems In Your Home

All around the globe, many homes suddenly collapse. Some or almost all of these cases happen because of weak foundations. To save yourself from having to deal with the same problem, there are a couple of things that you can look out for. Read on as we dive into the 7 signs that indicate that your home has foundation problems.

Foundation cracks are among the most popular. If your foundation is cracked, there can be significant problems with your home. These foundation cracks should be repaired as soon as possible and also look out for signs of a sinking building. Foundation cracks are usually associated with unstable soil; this results in cracks extending to other portions of your structure.

Another common sign is a tilting chimney. While many people often overlook this and assume its just an illusion, it rarely is, and it can happen because of a bad foundation. If you’ve noticed that your chimney bows to one side, this indicates a gap between your building and it, so keep in mind that chimneys are usually built on their own foundations.

If you’ve also noticed cracks in your foundation, there a good chance that your building is suffering from water damage. This usually occurs when your foundation is intruded by water. The following signs can indicate water damage:

*Water Stains

If you’ve experienced sinking, it can eventually pose a serious threat to the occupants of your building. A sinking foundation can be identified by the following:

*Bowing walls
*Cracks on the outer walls of your building
*Spaces around windows and doors exterior

If the foundation below a building is loose, it can start sinking. Additionally, it can even sink if it was built on an uneven surface. So if you experience a sinking foundation, be sure to call in structural experts.

Along with the others mentioned, sagging floors can also indicate foundation issues. The foundation beneath floors sag and can be identified by the following:

*Prominent floor cracks
*Jammed doors

Sagging floors are a huge threat to those who occupy a building. Persons can fall and accidentally become injured due to a sagging floor.

If you’ve ever noticed that your doors and windows get stuck now and again, this might be an indication of foundational problems. This easily relates to the shrinkage or humidity of the soil under your foundation. While this doesn’t happen overnight, it can be a clear indication that your foundation is sinking. The sinking motion forces doors and windows to lose their alignment, and they become harder to open or close.

The last indication is upheavals. This refers to slabs of your foundation thrusting upwards. If your floor is bowing, this is an indication of turmoil. This could have been caused by plumbing leaks, flooding, and even expanding or contracting soil.

As we conclude, we have just looked at the seven most common signs that indicate that your home has foundation problems. If you’ve found yourself in one or a few of these situations, you’ll need to contact a repair company as soon as you can. Don’t forget to keep a close eye and repair damages before it’s too late.

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